Monday, April 5, 2010

An Unending Search

The process of job searching can get really tiresome after a few months- especially when you don't get many or any interviews. I know this for a fact because I recently went about three and a half months between interviews. I told myself that Christmas and the first of the year were going to be lean job hunting times, but it still was hard to get through. What makes the search seem more interminable is when you are surrounded by people who all have jobs.

I found this article on Aol Jobs, and while it might not all apply to you in your search (it didn't all apply to me), there are some nice hints about how to make the search process better. I think the part about having another jobless person to be an accountability partner is a nice idea. I have noticed that those who have jobs have a hard time completely understanding what this whole unemployment thing is about, even when they really try. See what you think, and please give me feedback.

Trapped in Your Job Search

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